Never Stop Improving!

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Tabitha Darnell

Certified Personal Trainer

Tabitha Darnell is devoted to improving herself and others through her job as a personal trainer. With 20 years of experience, certifications to train through several different organizations, and a sports nutrition certification, Tabitha can easily help her clients understand how to improve their health and keep those habits for their entire life. She is a Pro-Qualifier in natural bodybuilding and specializes in functional movement systems as well as natural bodybuilding. Tabitha also has participated in competitive football and swimming which has led her to be a well-versed trainer who can accommodate a multitude of clientele. She is most passionate about providing functional training to those who desire to improve their daily quality of life and continue it throughout their life.

James McLain is a Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach who has been with us since 2016. He has a life time passion for the fitness & weight loss industry. Currently he works with kids and offers preservation work for senior citizens as well as providing grocery shopping and meal prep assistance for all his clients. You can contact James by emailing him at


James McLain

Certified Personal Trainer